[email protected] Version 4.9 Statement Of Intent

[email protected] has just published a Statement of Intent for Version 4.9

The document is available in the Client and Partner Download area of the [email protected] Website.

Version 4.9 is a major release of [email protected] software and Amongst the enhancements we have completed or are planning are:

Page View Option For Forms

You will be able to view a form either as a grid (as currently) or row-by-row in what we will call page-view, with the fields of a single row distributed across the page. You will be able to toggle between grid-view and page-view and to specify a default style on a Form Type. Especially when a form is wide and if scrolling is not convenient, or if a form will only ever have one row, this will make form entry very much easier to use.

Excel ‘Absorption’ Into Forms

You will be able to ‘absorb’ an Excel spreadsheet into a form, creating new rows in the form from the rows in your spreadsheet, with fields in the form being filled if the column-headers in the Excel spreadsheet match the column-headers in the form. You will also be able to create an Excel template from a form.



Multiple Selections In A Single Analysis Value Field

Users will be able to choose more than one value on a dropdown field. This is useful in circumstances such as the specification of multiple employees benefiting from an expense.



Invoicing Through The Web

In Version 4.9 we will be introducing web/browser based invoicing. Version 4.9 web invoicing will allow:

  • ‘Work in Progress’ invoicing of Timesheet, Form and Planning records.
  • Discounting and Recalculation (with the option to override exchange rates) of Timesheet and Form records.
  • Transaction Exclusion/Inclusion.
  • Document Rounding (to ensure correct tax calculation from a summarised net value).
  • Invoice Approval and Review.
  • Invoice Printing and Reprinting.
  • Invoice Status Inquiry.
  • Emailing of Invoices to Clients in PDF Format.


Additional 4.9 Features

  • New Data Import Features.
  • A ‘Simplified Reporting’ option.
  • Form Level Confirmation.
  • Sub Reports in Forms and Timesheets.
  • Allocation Email Text Control.
  • TIMESHEET transactions from Forms.
  • Enhancements to Planning.
  • Report Groups.
  • Home Page ‘widgets’.
  • Serialisation for App use.

To learn more about the our plans for Version 4.9 please register to download the Statement Of Intent or Contact Us.