[email protected] Version 5.0.1 Released

We would like to announce the release of Version 5.0.1 of [email protected] Software.

Version 5.0.1 contains a number of enhancements and bug fixes as follows:



4507      Form Number is now available as a runtime filter on Web Status Reports.

4503      Client Employees has been added to Data Import.

4500      Empty line evaluation for Import to Forms from Excel changed so that any row with a value is considered as non-empty.

4497      Automatic Roles (Auto Fill with) is now evaluated during import of Employees.

4496      Attached images are now opened within item view’s attachments area insted of a new window.

4495      Ledger Suite‘s GROUP application now works with empty SUM part.


Bug Fixes:

4522      Notes mandatory evaluation of EXPENSE row imported into Ledger fails when Notes mandatory is not set on Form Type.

4521      Credit Notes created by Credit Notes wizard cannot be filled because of incorrect validation of PSW Invoicing.

4520      Black borders from overlay windows in PSW Invoicing removed.

4519      Resolved a Request.Form“ issue on WEB Invoice Header.

4518      Resolved issue when sending Emails for Employee from Form import.

4517      Post Valid Records now correctly imports appropriate records if duplicities are found in source file.

4516      Resolved the issue whereby a Form is not visible in App authorization when Total calculation is not set.

4515      Changed the installation settings so that the re-installation process no longer clears access rights to WEB folders.

4514      Corrected the setting which caused Import to Budget failure in cases where Notes are not mapped to a source file.

4513      Resolved the issue where Update Mapped Fields clears unmapped Distribution Masks and Analysis.

4512      Fixed the bug whereby an Allocation Email sent from Planning in any other language than English contains $1$, $2$.

4509      Corrected an issue whereby the sorting of Accounting Period in PSW Invoicing Filter is done by ID, not by the Accounting Period value.

4508      Resolved the Subscript Out Of Range error -when an import file is empty in Data Import Wizard.

4506      Notes can now be imported to Forms via Data Import

4502      Installation now adds Invoice Templates to WEB Reports.

4498      Resolved an issue which meant that after reassigning from Form level on Item’s view the Cancel button doesn’t work.

4485      Corrected an issue whereby if you export to MS Excel from Maintenance – Projects / Expense Types than P01 value is set to TRUE for all records.