[email protected] Version 5.0.3 Released


We are pleased to announce the release of [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] Version 5.0.3

Version 5.0.3 contains the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • In Data Import, the Post Valid File option now stores only valid records in the event that there are duplicates found in the database.
  • Rectified an issue whereby if Advanced Confirmation is specified on a Timesheet then Partial Submission cannot be used because the selected days tickbox is deselected.
  • The Credit Card Import process has been improved to more accurately find Employees based on Credit Card No.
  • We have updated support for Spanish Labels which have been fully translated up to this latest Version.
  • PSW Planning has been improved to hide other Employees in the grid when “Current Employee” criterion is used and All Selected Employees is set.
  • In Approvals and Ledger Modification, information about Audited Modification is now retained when a line is split and then an audited field is modified.
  • We have improved the Selection Tool for Analysis Values to avoid the need to multiple clicking.
  • We have rectified an error whereby when a dot or space are included in the name of an MS Excel file, the Data Import fails with an error.
  • We have improved the robustness of Web Services and the provision of Linked Documents.
  • Logging in to Web Services no longer fails when Serialisation is close to expiry.
  • We have resolved an issue whereby the reprinting of invoices fails with an Out of Memory Exception when the invoice is shown multiple times.
  • We have rectified the issue whereby submitting a Form fails with an error if Advanced Confirmation messages are used.
  • Resolved the error shown when data are grouped and lines are validated in Approvals and Ledger Modification.
  • We have enabled Suppress Status Entry and Prohibit Posting to be shown in PSW Project Maintenance.