[email protected] Version 6.1.11 Released

“Version 6.1.11 Introduces Enhanced Support For Microsoft Azure & A Redesign Of The Mobile App”


[email protected] is delighted to announce the release of [email protected] Software Version 6.1.11 for Infor SunSystems, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Business Central.

Version 6.1.11 of [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] introduces a number of new features and also rectifies previously reported bugs.

This version of our software also coincides with substantially revised version of the mobile app for iOS and Android. You’ll find it on Google Play and the App Store as [email protected] 6.1.110

Core Application New Features Summary:

  • Hosting on Microsoft’s Azure SQL is now made possible by the substitution of alternative change-tracking mechanisms for the SQL Service Broker.
  • An option has been added to Data Import to allow an XSL Stylesheet to be applied to an import file.
  • You may now drill down to Cross Rates from Currencies. This enables you to display and then edit a list of Cross Rates more rapidly.

Core Application New Features List:

  • 5195   Introduced XML processing application which applies given XSL stylesheet to a file in Data Import.
  • 5194   Introduced additional runtime parameters for External Applications in Data Import.
  • 5191   Project Status Report now include more data and provide a nicer template in the [email protected] Demo database.
  • 5189   Introduced drill down feature from Currencies to Cross Rates.
  • 5177   Now shows description from Routing Rules in the list of Documents for Authorisation lists.
  • 5171   If data are posted to my diary using data import, then MS Exchange synchronisation now allows event to be created in Outlook calendar.
  • 5160   New warning “Cross rate not found” is more informative for Admin users.
  • 5158   Create and prepare for download PDF files now based on subreport used in Ledger Export profile.
  • 5149   Introduced Change tracking mechanism to overcome Azure deficiency not supporting SQL Server Service Broker.

Mobile App New Features Summary:

  • The Home page has been redesigned.
  • Images may now be previewed on row-entry pages.
  • Fields have been redesigned with labels now being placed above fields.
  • A ‘breadcrumb’ bar has been introduced to clarify the user’s current context.
  • Header activity analysis fields are now displayed on rows.
  • Errors are no longer listed on a separate page.
  • Voice memo option may be suppressed.
  • Many other small graphical and usability improvements.

Mobile App New Features List:

  • 5200   Uses the place reserved for Employee Code and Name for Form Type.
  • 5199   Refresh button now has visual feedback to indicate what has happened.
  • 5198   Moved Done button on the Android cropping tool to the bottom.
  • 5197   New features of the [email protected] App turned on by default.
  • 5196   Moved total calculations above the list of rows.
  • 5193   Delete button now displays a confirmation message.
  • 5192   Removed checkboxes and a number of forms from the list of Forms.
  • 5188   Now the app always skips Header and go to row when creating a new Form in [email protected] App.
  • 5184   Substantial redesign of [email protected] App.
  • 5181   Editable Calculations with zero value now empty.
  • 5180   Option to suppress Voice Memo.
  • 5178   Removed free space from a header of the list of Forms.
  • 5176   Redesigned the item representing a row.
  • 5175   Allocated more space for the name of Total Calculation.
  • 5174   Reduced space between rows in combo selection.
  • 5168   Changed the graphic look of Previous and Next buttons and add to them First and Last buttons.
  • 5162   Informs user that Camera, Microphone or File Storage is not allowed to be accessed by [email protected] App.
  • 5161   Made more obvious that some Forms cannot be Authorised from Form Level.
  • 5159   Allows search or filter in a list of Currencies.
  • 5156   Added button to open a default row instead of creating a new one.
  • 5153   Preview linked images directly in the row.
  • 5152   Homepage design made more up-to-date.
  • 5151   Breadcrumbs logic revised.
  • 5148   Now displays Header activities on rows.
  • 5147   Remade the way in which are errors presented to the users.
  • 5145   Remade splash screen to make it more up-to-date without unnecessary image transitions.
  • 5144   Revised design of the Form row page (labels above the fields).
  • 5142   Introduced breadcrumbs in order to have a better navigation.

Bug Fixes

We hate bugs as much as you do. The following are the bugs rectified and some additional enhancements in Version 6.1.11:

Core Application:

5205   Authoriser selection is now displayed when Confirmation is omitted and Form contains a Warning.

5202   Value of a Read-only Date Activity is no longer lost during a refresh when Project is already selected.

5201   Confirmation omission setting on one Form or Timesheet no longer influences other Documents.

5187   Changes to Notes are now applied to existing Appointments in Exchange Calendar of an Employee.

5186   Recalculation in Ledger Modification no longer ends with InvalidCastException for Planning rows with validation errors.

5185   Unexpected errors are now shown  from Invoicing or Data Maintenance.

5183   If a column is renamed to Project and renamed Project is part of a grid then Inquiries no longer display an error.

5182   Invoice Number parameter in Invoice Status Inquiry no longer only allow the use of numbers.

5179   Web Services now return information that a Linked Document is mandatory.

5170   The override value is now retrieved during form entry .

5167   Ledger Modification in PSW now allows the entry of negative values.

5165   If PSW Save File option is checked, PDF files exported from Subreports are now stored.

5157   Moving lines between Forms when Forms have specific IDs is now supported.

5154   Export of Projects grid in Export/Import tools now supported since the introduction of newly created Inv_Suppress_Multi field in Statuses.

5150   Calculation of Form transaction with overridden Cross rates no longer ends with error when CONV_RATES table has a lot of records.

5141   If Approval Status (Notes) field is present in Approval Profile setup without corresponding Approval Status, all the data/fields  from the Approval Status (Notes) are now loaded in Approvals grid in PSW.

5115   Data import – no longer fails in case the login name exists in the database even if the “Overwrite duplicates” options is used.

4572   Confirmation can now be omitted when Advanced Submission message is used.

Mobile App:

5207   Hide disabled fields does now hide fields disabled by Project/Expense Type in Authorisation when Suppress Auth. Modification is set.

5203   Application no longer throws an error when analysis value contains apostrophe character.

5190   Forms, created in PSW without any row, now display correctly in [email protected] App.

5173   Selection Tool page has improved graphical design.

5164   Opening the same returned Form in Entry after opening it in History now correctly shows Header analysis nor lines on the Form.

5163   Opening of list of Uploaded documents no longer clears all unsaved information about forms in the app.

5146   New transaction screen now has Next, Previous buttons when new line is added into Form which has Header analysis present.

5143   Page with form header is no longer briefly displayed (blinks) when form with no header fields is opened.

5140   After returning to Camera page from Help page, page is no no longer empty with no layout and bottom buttons.

5139   Change of credentials now deletes data of Forms.

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