[email protected] Version 6.1.5 Released

“Version 6.1.5 Delivers Project Portal & Reporting Improvements”


[email protected] is delighted to announce the release of [email protected] Software Version 6.1.5 for Infor SunSystems and Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Version 6.1.5 of [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] introduce a number of new features and also rectify previously reported bugs.

New Features

Version 6.1.5 contains the following enhancements:

  • Created and Modified Dates can be used as selection criteria in Static Data Profiles. This makes it easier to select new records and records that have been changed since a given date.
  • Linked Documents (i.e. images of receipts or invoices) can be made mandatory for specific Expense Types in [email protected]
  • Day Type cells are now coloured (in Approvals, Ledger Modification and Invoicing), if editable.
  • Microsoft Reporting Services reports may now be defined to open in a separate window when opened from the Project Portal or the Employee Index. This makes it possible, for example, for an Employee to work on an Approval Profile from the Portal whilst looking at data in a report.
  • Account Groups and Account Masks may now be maintained in the Browser.
  • You may now define available Form Types at Company level. All Employees belonging to a Company will have access to the defined forms unless a separate set has been defined at Employee level.
  • Attendance Form calculations may now be defined as having the same entry and display format as the timesheet cells in the timesheet to which the Attendance Form belongs.

Bug Fixes

We hate bugs as much as you do. The following are the bugs rectified in this version:

4972    Posting now removes forms from Unposted Actuals when posting a form to a Ledger.

4971    Submission Notes are now stored in the PSW during Save & Validate.

4970    Accumulations now omit a current form when accumulating from Unposted Actuals.

4969    Caching of Expense Form Types, Portal Settings and Approval Status Values has been improved.

4966    A Fixed Width delimited text file can now be processed by Data Import.

4964    If a Timesheet uses HH:MM format, Employee no longer an receives an error message that a Project is closed even for days where no time has been reported for a Project.

4963    Value Tables or Error Tables should now longer allow multiple records with identical definitions.

4961    The lists of Form Types now ignores Forms suppressed for Web Access. Therefore Credit Card forms, for example, are no longer available for creation.

4960    Approval Notes are now editable and Query Employee is now selectable if Column Freezing is used and Approval Status is changed.

4909    Errors no longer appear in Access Profile setup when users untick any Entity with Allow Maintenance checkbox present.

4827    If TSH is using format HH:MM, and an employee adds values to a new line then immediate recalculation of totals now returns correct values and hours-minutes-seconds are no longer displayed in totals instead of HH:MM.

4551    Form import now correctly identifies a Form for Append function in all situations.

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