[email protected] Version 6.1.6 Released

“Version 6.1.6 Introduces Support For Our Next Generation Of Mobile App”


[email protected] is delighted to announce the release of [email protected] Software Version 6.1.6 for Infor SunSystems and Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Version 6.1.6 of [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] introduces a number of new features and also rectify previously reported bugs.

Most significantly this version of our software supports the new generation of [email protected] mobile app for for iOS and Android which has just been released. You’ll find it on Google Play and the App Store as [email protected] 6.1.

Please note that the [email protected] 6.1 App is compatible only with [email protected] 6.1.5 and later versions and that our previous [email protected] App is compatible only with [email protected] versions up to 6.1.2.

The App has been completely rewritten using Xamarin. Xamarin technology, part of the Microsoft development environment, allows us to develop and maintain a single source code base for both mobile platforms.

We have also adopted a more simple approach to form creation and synchronization with the PSW so that all options in the App more closely resemble those in the PSW whilst still allowing offline use. You will also see that we have updated the graphical style to reflect the current look of the PSW.

In the coming months we will continue to replicate core form functionality in the mobile App as well as to develop timesheet capability. We are also working on an option to submit images of receipts and invoices for automatic matching to forms in the PSW, such as credit card statements.

Bug Fixes

We hate bugs as much as you do. The following are the bugs rectified in this version:

Version 6.1.6 contains the following enhancement and corrections:

4991    Activity analysis values copied from Employee or Project Analysis values when null are now copied for the purposes of activity analysis Role Routing evaluation

4986    Overriding AD Login page can now be controlled by a switch in Web.config

4992    Analysis Definition Copy From combo is now filled and value is no longer lost during record saving

4990    Two button names and related [email protected] App help are corrected

4989    Start Time & End Time in an Attendance Form can now be selected using lookup on the first two days of any TS Period

4988    If Project is part of Criteria Selection and Group By is set to Project, Approval Profile does now open

4987    Split during Ledger Modification no longer creates new lines with all of them have changed RowSource to Ledger Modification

4985    Default Invoice Template is now correctly imported

4982    Button View is no longer present on Invoice worksheet instead of button Preview

4981    The distribution masks are now correctly sorted on the PSW

4980    Special Dates are now sorted in Calendars in the PSW

4978    If there is no Approval Status Definition which can prevent transactions being invoiced, Multiple Invoicing now works correctly

4976    Return note in Web Invoicing is now remembered

4975    Sending of Notification appointments to other Employees derived from Allocation Level no longer fails with exception condition

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