[email protected] Version 6.3.0 Released

Announcing Mobile Timesheets


[email protected] is today announcing the release of [email protected] Software Version 6.3.0 for Infor SunSystems, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Business Central, SAP, Coda and Netsuite.

Version 6.3 includes a number of new exciting features including:

  • Timesheet submission and authorisation in the [email protected] App.

  • New definable 'Implications' that enable you to automatically derive one value from another in a Form, with the option to 'teach' the system such implications. For example: During the import of a credit card statement you might derive Expense Type from a commodity code, or, after using OCR to read a purchase invoice you might derive a Supplier Code from a Supplier Name.

  • Further transfers of desktop functions to the browser-based PSW, including Systems Parameters, Form Types and Timesheet Types

[email protected] Maintenance

Please note that very little now remains in the [email protected] Maintenance desktop application apart from the definition of Profiles. In due course we intend to rename [email protected] Maintenance as the [email protected] Profile Manager and to recreate this as a separate browser-based application.

Upcoming Releases

Over the coming months we will work on extending the capabilities of Planning Profiles to enable workflow around the development of Project Plans, the option to save snapshots of plans as they change (and thereby report on their evolution, as well as on actuals against a baseline plan) plus some additional options to manage fixed price projects, such as the allocation of a single fixed fee across a resource plan. We also plan a revision and extension of Invoice Workflow, extensions to the rules for Project visibility based on matching Employee and Project analysis values, and many other new features.

Learn More

Learn more about our Expense Management Software.

Learn more about our Time Recording Software.

Learn More about our Workflow Software.

Important Note:
All options available in the PSW have been withdrawn from [email protected] Maintenance.

Bug Fixes

We hate bugs as much as you do. The following are the bugs rectified and some additional enhancements in Version 6.3.0:

Core Software

5429   When a new Employee is created by copying an existing Employee, the Form Types tab is now set correctly.

5428   Expense Types can now be imported when there are Activity Analysis Definitions with ‘Automatically Check on Expense Types’ in the system.

5427   If the calculation total of a form rows is equal to zero, employees are now able to access forms in progress or open the form.

5426   There is no longer an error in PSW " Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'integer' is not valid " when timesheet goes to Posting and Validation and serialisation is exceeded.

5425   Upgrade issues resolved.

5406   Saving of Employees no longer end with an exception when Project Roles have more than one Default role selected.

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