[email protected] Version 6.3.1 Released

New Search Facilities & App Enhancements


[email protected] is today announcing the release of [email protected] Software Version 6.3.1 for Infor SunSystems, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Business Central, SAP, Coda and Netsuite.

Version 6.3.1 includes a number of new exciting features including:

  • Use of the selection tool has been made possible for Client, Project, Task and Employee Analysis Values. This is useful when the number of values is large.
  • We have added to the rules that determine the Projects an Employee may access. You may now specify an Employee Analysis category and a Project Analysis category, which, when values are equal, will enable an Employee to see a Project. This makes it possible, for example, for an Employee assigned to a given cost/profit centre to see all Projects assigned to the same cost/profit centre.
  • Attendance Form and Project Ledger Index configuration have been moved to the browser-based PSW (Professional Services Workbench)
A new version of the [email protected] App can be found on the App Store and on the Google Play Store. This version now enables:
  • Multiple analysis values to be chosen when an analysis category allows it, and
  • Transactions to be copied

Upcoming Releases

Over the coming months we will work on extending the capabilities of Planning Profiles to enable workflow around the development of Project Plans, the option to save snapshots of plans as they change (and thereby report on their evolution, as well as on actuals against a baseline plan) plus some additional options to manage fixed price projects, such as the allocation of a single fixed fee across a resource plan. We also plan a revision and extension of Invoice Workflow, extensions to the rules for Project visibility based on matching Employee and Project analysis values, and many other new features.

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Important Note:
All options available in the PSW have been withdrawn from [email protected] Maintenance.

Bug Fixes

We hate bugs as much as you do. The following are the bugs rectified and some additional enhancements in Version 6.3.0:

Core Software

5469   Entering value into not validated entity containing backslash leads to error

5468   Task Entry checkbox on Project is checked if a new record is imported even if a value is not specified for this field

5465   Import of Entity Roles fails with error

5464   Importing of Entities with empty Names for Employee, Project or empty Alternate analysis values fails with error

5463   Importing of Employee Credit Cards shows error message

5459   Tasks are not provided to the App for Timesheets when there is no Form Type available in the App which contains the Task column

5449   Inquiries reporting on Archives omit archive data

5445   Pop-up dialogue showing messages on Timesheet won't be shown when message contains apostrophe

5444   When the same lines are archived into more archives ARCHIVE_LINKED_TEXT holds only the most recent set

5441   Posted timesheets cannot be re-generated in PSW only in Maintenance

5439   PSW Help does not contain information for Shared Data Source Name and Show New News on Login

5430   If apostrophe is present in Expense Type name, Form Type cannot be saved.

[email protected] App

5462   If status is disabled by Project, status value is still prefilled when Expense Type (set with status value) is selected

5458   OCR does not prefill Transaction Date

5453   Context is not changed back to Employee of the Form when Proxy is first selected

5448   Opening of Expense Type when no values are provided to fill with fails with error

5447   Notes entry box should not initially offer keyboard in authorisation of timesheets

5443   Changing of Expense Type fails with error if Form Type does not contain Status

5442   Selecting a value from Selection fails with error when Entity Column Name visibility is suppressed

5435   Mobile App shows Data Inconsistency when System has no Timesheet Type defined

5434   Timesheet omits Synch button when Editable in Authorisation mode

5374   Attached image is lost when a Proxy validates the new row for Assignor for the first time

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