[email protected] Version 6.3.4 Released

Significant Planning & App Enhancements Announced



[email protected] is today announcing the release of [email protected] Software Version 6.3.4 for Infor SunSystems, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Business Central, SAP, Coda and Netsuite.

Version 6.3.4 coincides with a new version of the [email protected] 6.3 App which can be found on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

This new release contains several significant enhancements:


Enhancements designed to enable the better management of fixed price and other projects, including options to calculate revenue-to-recognise based on percentage completion.

  • An additional grid, summarising optionally by Project, Task, Employee and Role, shows summarised calculated values
  • Project and Task may optionally be shown only in the plan header, freeing space for data in both the summary and detailed planning grid
  • Summary values, such as fixed revenue values, may be entered in the summary grid
  • Actual data (for example, from submitted Timesheets) may be combined in the planning grid with plans for the future
  • Profiles can be set to show all data for a project on first opening

Additional Enhancements

  • Company has been added as a column to the Posting grid
  • Notes fields may now contain up to 4,000 characters
  • Open From and Open To dates may now also be set for Analysis Values defined for Non-Validated Analysis Categories
  • Status may now be suppressed on Tasks as well as on Projects
  • It is now possible to translate Form Type, Analysis and Calculation names into alternative languages so that different users can work with different terminology
  • Activity Analysis Restrictions have been enabled on the Company record
  • Partial submission of Timesheets is now possible in the [email protected] App
  • Advanced (more extensive) confirmation messages have been enabled for the [email protected] App

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    Important Note:
    All options available in the PSW have been withdrawn from [email protected] Maintenance.

    Bug Fixes

    We hate bugs as much as you do. The following are the bugs rectified and some additional enhancements in Version 6.3.4:

    Core Software:

    5563 When creating new Analysis Definitions (of any type), an incorrect validation message is displayed if the user tries to mark any checkbox before the record is saved

    5562 Planning does not enable the specification of Runtime Parameters if the Profile has only one runtime parameter and it is run from Project Portal / Employee Index

    5561 The names of a Favourite cannot be saved

    5560 Comments in JavaScript files should be removed

    5558 X-Frame-Options HTTP header should be used to prevent the embedding of web pages in external frames

    5557 Specific HTTP headers revealing details about the environment should be suppressed

    5556 Web Services Description Language (WSDL) should be disabled by default

    5555 Web services don't have the proper checking of the user input for illegal characters

    5554 Function TransactionProcessing.asmx/DeleteUploadedDocuments is obsolete and should be deleted

    5552 LedgerExports subfolder of WS is not provided by the Installation

    5549 Password Upgrade tool doesn't work when the standard SQL login TWAdmin is renamed

    5547 PSW Clock stops measuring time elapsed when browser window is minimised or inactive for more than 5 minutes

    5542 Planning grid ignores column filtering on columns which are also shown in Summary grid

    5541 Regenerated Timesheet cannot be reposted into Actuals from PSW

    5533 Implication Values don't show Analysis values selected for Non-validated activities opened with the Selection Tool defined as either Source or Implied Value

    5529 Application is unable to communicate with any remote service using TLS1.2

    5528 Invoicing, Select All, when grouped by Project, does not work

    5527 Allow Data loss with Data consolidation when Prevent changes is enabled can lead to data loss in Period where there are Read-only and Editable data

    5526 Allowing Data Loss after Data consolidation fails to Post because of exception

    5524 Data Maintenance of Included Projects has poor performance when there are tens of thousands of Projects in the system

    5516 Active Schedule Profiles fail when Periods are missing to show all columns and data are present

    5515 It is impossible to create a Timesheet Type or Form Type from PSW if there are no analysis definitions in the system

    5514 If Expense type is selected on a row during form creation and then is removed (blank value is selected), all values on the row for not validated activities are removed (even if these are set as read-only) and all validated activities are disabled.

    [email protected] App

    5559 It is possible to pass illegal strings to some queries used in the App

    5548 Task data are not cleared when Project is closed when Data On Demand is used

    5546 Opening of Form where Transactions are not sorted and these transactions have linked images result in showing sorted transactions with mixed images

    5539 After enabling or disabling "App Static Data On Demand", analysis values are duplicated in selection tool for Activity Analyses on Form/Timesheet

    5538 Only one Project does not work for newly created Forms for [email protected] and [email protected]

    5537 Synchronisation of Projects, Clients and Tasks won't save any changed Entity if EntityID is already downloaded in the App

    5536 Log Off and immediate login fails with exception

    5513 Project row gets focus after clicking between Hours and Notes button on iOS

    5510 Enabling Dark Mode causes black fragments to be displayed in iOS application

    5509 Opening of Transaction fails after opening existing Form for Proxy with a transaction with Task specified and Static Data on Demand is turned on

    5438 iOS Application cannot handle declining of new permission Local Network newly introduced to iOS 14

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