[email protected] Version 6.0.2 Released

[email protected] Version 6.0.2 ([email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]) has been released.

Version 6.0.2 includes a number of enhancements and bug fixes. Full details can be found in Release Notes 6.0.2 on the Customer Web.

Enhancements include:

  • Recent Timesheet/Form History links have been introduced. By default these links will show documents submitted, authorised or reviewed during the previous 90 days but this parameter may be modified on Systems Parameters
  • A Back button has been added to the Runtime Parameters page
  • Invoice Partial Reversal in the PSW is now possible
  • PSW Login Names may now be up to 30 characters long
  • Worksheet (in read-only mode) is now available for Completed invoices
  • PSW textbox design has been unified and protected-field readability improved
  • Subreports may now be specified for Static Data Inquiries
  • Paging controls have been introduced for all PSW grids

Full details and internal reference are listed below:



4689 Recent Timesheet/Form History links introduced

4688 Submission of Form from App now prefills invisible Account Codes from Expense Type

4687 Back button added to Runtime Parameters page

4684 Invoicing on web now distinguishes between Reprint and Reversal modes

4682 Login names extended to 30 characters

4679 We now limit the number of Users for the Mobile App via Serialisation

4668 Invoicing on Web now supports Partial Reversal

4660 Buttons area in Timesheet, Form, Reports, etc made consistent

4655 Worksheet available in read-only mode for Completed invoices

4652 WEB Help redesign

4651 Textboxes in grids in PSW made consistent in terms of design and visibility improved for protected fields

4650 Subreports enabled for Static Data Inquiries

4648 New paging control for all PSW grids