[email protected] Version 6.1.4 Released

"Version 6.1.4 - Enhanced Web Functionality"


[email protected] is delighted to announce the release of [email protected] Software Version 6.1.4 for Infor SunSystems and Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Version 6.1.4 of [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] introduces a number of new features and also rectify previously reported bugs.

New Features

Version 6.1.4 contains the following enhancements:

  • The following six tables may now be maintained through the browser-based Professional Services Workbench (PSW) - Skill Groups, Skill Values, Measurement Groups, Measurement Values, PSW Help, and PSW Tooltips
  • Special Days may now be imported into Calendars in the PSW making it easier to keep Special Days (usually Public Holidays) up to date across multiple companies.
  • The Account Mask field has been increased to 500 characters.
  • An option on Planning Profiles enables you to specify that all 'project participants' (Employees who have reported time against a Project) will be included, even if with empty rows, in the Project Planning grid
  • Row deletion in Planning Profiles now prompts the user to delete only visible cells or all cells 
  • The posting of forms and timesheets in progress into the Unposted Actuals ledger will now post transactions that lack a Project value, substituting a specified dummy Project value
  • Export of Employee Skills in the PSW Employee maintenance page now allows the Include Names option
    Approval Profiles now allow grouping by Reference (usually Timesheet or Form number) as well as by Project and Employee
  • Time fields from Day Types (e.g. Time 01, Time 02, Earliest Start Time, etc.) may now be used in Calculations with the D, H and M operators
  • Checkboxes have been added to the Form and Timesheet History grids to allow rapid exclusion/inclusion of submitted or authorised/reviewed timesheets and forms
  • Returned forms and timesheets now allow further return, so that, for example, an authorising Employee to whom a reviewer has returned a form may now return the form to the initiating Employee
  • A lookup has been provided for the specification of Message Note Table variables in the email text for Approval Status Definitions
  • Invoice Number, Invoice Date and Due Date have been enabled as runtime parameters in Invoice Status Inquiries, Invoice Reprint and Invoice Correction and Reversal

Bug Fixes

We hate bugs as much as you do. The following are the bugs rectified in this version:

4955   Width of Transaction Date column can now be modified in Approval Profiles

4953   If Subreport or Linked Documents are used in Invoice Data Profiles, Microsoft Reporting Services templates now work correctly

4951   Microsoft Reporting Services no longer fails if there are duplicate fields in an SQL query created for a template

4945   Approval Profiles can now be updated if no Lines Per Page is specified

4941   If PSW Purge Statuses option is checked, PSW Tab and Group options are now disabled

4939   If an Employee is created from scratch in [email protected] Maintenance (without the use of the Copy button) – upload of Employee photo and any subsequent update of Employee Details no longer fails with an error

4937   Invoice Correction does now works for Ad-hoc Invoices

4934   Invoice Email recipients can now be added or removed prior to the Invoice Completion stage

4933   An ad-hoc invoice can now be reversed and the process no longer fails with an exception if the worksheet is open

4932   If an invoice is calculated with an Invoice Date for which there are no cross rates, the invoice can now subsequently be calculated with another Invoice Date for which there are cross rates

4931   Forms no longer disappear after it is returned to a Proxy when the Proxy is no longer specified on Employee record

4930   Corrected an issue whereby write Off terminates with an ‘Unauthorised’ message when an Employee has no access to the required Ledger Modification profile

4929   Preview in the reprint of invoices in [email protected] Maintenance no longer omits Invoice Number if opened from the Worksheet window

4928   File selection in the PSW no longer enables more than one attachment per row if disallowed

4908   Error message are now more user-friendly when an invalid Unicode character is encountered during Ledger Export

4907   Omission in new graphical design - text added to parameter <add key="Header Text" value="" /> does not display in header on login screen

4808   Invoice can now be deleted in Google Chrome

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