[email protected] Version 6.1.9 Released

“Version 6.1.9 Introduces Significantly Enhanced Mobile Functionality & New Audit Functions”


[email protected] is delighted to announce the release of [email protected] Software Version 6.1.9 for Infor SunSystems, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Business Central.

Version 6.1.9 of [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] introduces a number of new features and also rectifies previously reported bugs.

This version of our software also coincides with a new version of the mobile app for iOS and Android. You’ll find it on Google Play and the App Store as [email protected] 6.1.

New Features In 6.1.9 include:

  • Form audit snapshots allow you to track changes in forms made at any stage in the workflow.
  • Form row transfer. You may now, optionally, select rows in a form and transfer them to existing forms or, alternatively, create a new form. This is useful for users who want to transfer transactions from credit card forms to forms created for specific trips.
  • History options have been amended so that an Employee may only select Employees whose timesheets or forms he or she has processed in some way.
  • A shortcut has been provided on the PSW Home Page taking users directly to My Skills.
  • Transmission Texts may now be set up to apply to all Companies as well as to a single Company.
  • Serialisation expiry warnings are now displayed to all PSW users whose settings allow the management of serialisation codes.

New Features in the Mobile App include:

  • You may now define a Form Type so it can only be created in the App.
  • You may define a URL to which the App will link to display your Privacy Policy.
  • Historical Forms are synchronised to the App whether or not they have been created in the App. (This works only if Version 6.1.9 or a later version of the core application has been installed on your server).
  • Performance of Form opening and submission has been greatly improved.
  • Expense Types available in a Form Type are now determined (as in the PSW) by settings on Form Type.
  • Activities defined as to be selected in the Selection Tool (enabling search) in the PSW are now also selectable in the App Selection Tool (which also enables search).
  • Activity ‘restrictions’ as defined on Project and Task have now been enabled in the App.

Bug Fixes

We hate bugs as much as you do. The following are the bugs rectified in this version:

Version 6.1.9 contains the following enhancement and corrections:

5075    Installation now provides all libraries necessary for External SSO Login for PSW.

5073    Employees selected in the Roles control are now highlighted in Web Maintenance.

5071    Characters in Panel names are no longer cropped.

5068    Users can now update Cross Rates using the Link to Cross Rates button in Ledger Modification in [email protected] Maintenance.

5067    Export of Cross Rates from the grid to Excel now exports Cross Rates Providers.

5066    If “Next Step” value is set in Routing rules for specific step, then transmission text used for this step is now sent for “Form Notification to Empl of Authorisation” action (both email/app notification).

5062    Copy button of Transmission Text with an empty Additional step no longer overrides records with Additional step equal to any value not only empty.

5055    Posting into Unposted now posts a Form if it contains a line without Transaction Date filled

5052    Last Login time is now updated.

5047    Enable Cross Rates Reversal in combination with Use Rates Web Service now stores to the database.

5046    Use Rates Web Service function now works for multiple rows.

5044    Commit Approvals button now longer creates duplicate current Approval status records.

5043    Upload of Document no longer fails with exception when file name contains comma or sharp (#) sign.

5042    Ledger Export now produces a Subreport file when run from Task Scheduler.

5039    All fields for Creation Employee are now exported during Ledger Export.

4769   More intuitive error message in Data Import when Accounting Period does not exist in the database.

[email protected] App:

5070    Formatting of Time analysis now correct after entering another Time analysis value on same line on Android.

5063    Application no longer shows data inconsistency error message and then login screen for entering of a new password when the application is launched in offline mode.

5060    Samsung phones now correctly handle decimal separators.

5059    Recent Currencies now working.

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