[email protected] Version 6.2 Statement Of Intent

Version 6.2 Statement of Intent


This statement of intent relates to Version 6.2 of [email protected]’s Expense Management Software – [email protected], Time Recording & PSA Software – [email protected]Forms Management & Workflow Tool – [email protected] and the [email protected] Mobile Application for iOS and Android. This statement also relates to functionality scheduled for inclusion in our hosted expense management solution.

Scheduled Release

Version 6.2 is currently in the advanced stages of development and we expect to go to full release in the final quarter of 2019. Version 6.2 of our software will be the culmination of a development strategy we began more than 5 years ago with the objective of moving our software to an entirely web based environment and the introduction of advanced mobile functionality.

Details On Version 6.2

OCR in the [email protected] App

  • The App will map values from images of receipts and invoices to total, tax, date and vendor fields, where possible, on Form Types.

Functionality Migrating From Desktop App To Browser

  • Multiple Invoicing in the PSW
  • Invoice Allocation in the PSW
  • Additional Ledger Maintenance in the PSW
  • Data Access Categories in the PSW
  • Data Access Category Values in the PSW
  • Data Access Control in the PSW
  • Archive Creation in the PSW
  • Allocation Levels in the PSW
  • Workbench Parameters in the PSW
  • PSW Portal Definition in the PSW
  • Invoice Types in the PSW
  • Approval Status Definition in the PSW
  • Approval Status Values in the PSW
  • Export Sequence Definition in the PSW
  • Task Scheduler Set Up and Task Management in the PSW

Other Functional Enhancements:

  • Forms: Option to copy an Analysis Value chosen at Header level to all rows on a Form (allowing override at row level)
  • Option to rename Analysis Values in Forms
  • Filtering by Typing in Selection Tool (Projects, Employees, Analysis, etc.)