[email protected] Version 6.4.2 Released

New Mobile App & Browser Only Maintenance


[email protected] is today announcing the release of [email protected] Software Version 6.4.2 for Infor SunSystems, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Business Central, SAP, Coda and Netsuite.

Version 6.4 coincides with a radically redesigned version of the [email protected] App and the latest 6.4 App can be found on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Version 6.4.2 includes the following changes and enhancements.

  • You may now set up a Planning Profile so that it will automatically create a grid combining all permutations of selected Employees and Projects. Additionally, you may specify that Employees should be included only if they are assigned to specific Project roles (and optionally in combination with all Tasks). This makes the preparation of a Project or Resource plan easier. For example, if Employees A, B and C are assigned to a Project Role ‘Project Resources’ and there are Tasks X and Y, then the grid will show rows for X A, X B, X C, Y A, Y B, and Y C.
  • The option only to show Open Employees when adding Employees to Roles, as, for example, when Employees are added to Roles in Employee maintenance.
  • You may now specify a Sub-report column header in Timesheets and Forms.
  • When a linked Data Import profile fails Exported transactions are no longer marked with an Export Sequence number.
  • Error Hierarchies can now be applied to Planning Profiles to validate planning data.
  • Transmission Text may now include Header Activity Analysis as variables.
  • A Default Status may now be defined for a Form Type, as for Timesheet Types
    Bug Fixes

    5660    Prefilled Grid rows added when All Selected Employees/Projects is specified and then deleted by Employee are shown again after Recalculate.

    5659    Plans can be posted even for closed Tasks.

    5653    Printing a preview on Invoice which is not completed fails with error when Reporting Server is used.

    5652    JavaScript execution problem in Data Maintenance.

    5648    Filtering in Task Selection Tool fails with an exception.

    5635    App notifications are not sent when Email sending fails.

    5633    If profile Description control is larger than other controls on Runtime Parameters page, buttons are moved together with Description control.

    5631    Application Icon upload on Form Type adding background colour to an image with transparent background.

    5629    Default sort in Selection Tool is changed in case list of values is filtered using filter/search.

    5628    Manipulative actions applied to time cell cannot be applied because of missing control when Grid is missing T/V column.

    5621    When Employee logs in again to Profile Manager after “serialization expired” message, error message is shown.

    4977    Vertical Tab – Char(11) or Char(0x0B) cause error during generating Temp.XML and stops LExport.

    In the [email protected] App:

    5655    Left and right row/activity margins on Form/Timesheet Header in History are bigger than Form/Timesheet Header in Entry/Authorisation

    5651    Mobile app crashes on iOS when FaceID/Fingerprint is not recognised and user tap on “Fallback” option.

    5643    After validation application should focus on the first error present on Form/Timesheet transaction/header page.

    5640    Additional Form Proxies cannot create Form for Assignors in the App.

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