[email protected] Version 6.4.3 Released

New Header Functionality
& New Mobile App


[email protected] is today announcing the release of [email protected] Software Version 6.4.3 for Infor SunSystems, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Business Central, SAP, Coda and Netsuite.

Version 6.4 coincides with a radically redesigned version of the [email protected] App and the latest 6.4 App can be found on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Version 6.4.3 includes the following changes and enhancements.

  • Forms: You may now define the Project field (Expense Type in [email protected]) as a Header field (as you may for Analysis Values). Project may also be defined as the Memo field and can be renamed for a specific Form Type.
  • Forms: You can also determine available Projects on a Form Type using a Static Data Profile. This enables you to tailor the available Project list very precisely.
  • Forms: Project and Transaction Date fields can be hidden. This is useful when a single specific Project (or Expense Type) is defined for a Form Type, and if, for example, Transaction Date is always defaulted to ‘Today’s Date’.
  • Profiles: ‘Today’s Date’ can be specified as a selection values in Profiles for Activity Analysis fields defined as dates.
  • You may now specify the collation sequence of a Database during Database Creation.
    Bug Fixes

    5669    In case an Analysis Value contains “;” (a semicolon) only the part before this character is being transferred to the field

    5665    Authentication by Ping Federate returns Invalid Login Name

    5664    Wrong Invoice template is used during Multiple Printout

    5663    Timesheet generation from PSW ignores condition “Timesheet Period = TS Period (Today’s Date)” in case Current Periods are not present

    4444    Parameter Accounting Period based on Today’s Date does not work when Current Periods record is missing

    In the [email protected] App:

    5673    Forms are not visible in mobile app History screen in case the Form Type is not in the Included list on Company or Employee record

    5670    Disabled activities are not cleared on a Form when disabled by Expense Type

    5668    Overlay for entering Note for day on Project screen shows Header Submission Note instead of Day for which Note is entered

    5662    Password field contains some spurious characters when iOS App is freshly downloaded from AppStore

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