[email protected] Version 6 Documentation

Version 6.0 documentation for [email protected] software is now available for download from Customer & Partner Portal of the [email protected] Website.

Three separate Reference Guides provide complete descriptions of each system’s functions:

Two Demonstration Guides provide guidance on how [email protected] and [email protected] can be demonstrated using the standard Demonstration Databases.

The Installation Guide provides technical details about [email protected] software and the infrastructure within which the software runs (SQL, IIS, .Net, Browsers, etc.)

The Scheduler Guide describes how the [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] Task Schedulers work.

The XML Processing Guide describes how four [email protected] applications for Multiplying, Grouping, Sorting and Renaming exported data can be used to prepare data for XSL processing using Ledger Export:

The App Configuration Guide describes how the iPhone and Android Apps can be configured for form and time entry.

The [email protected] Configuration Guide describes how [email protected] can be configured, taking the reader through each step involved in building a system for a client. It is based on the standard [email protected] Demonstration Database.