The Benefits Of Professional Services Automation

The Benefits Of Professional Services Automation

The benefits of implementing time@work will extend across the entire organisation, from Senior Management to Finance, Consultants and IT.

Managing Director

“time@work gives me the information I need to run my organisation effectively”

time@work Benefits The MD

See how your business is doing with time@work’s powerful reporting. Combined with its flexible analytical structure, time@work gives you a clear view on your business position, from utilisation rates, to work in progress, to profitability by customer. You can see the business you’re doing with your customers and how efficiently your internal processes are working.

Ensure that your people’s time is used wisely because time@work reduces time wasted on administration and helps your managers make better decisions.

time@work helps you to grow your business by ensuring that the right information is available at the right time, and reducing the amounts of time and money wasted.

time@work helps you align your activities with your business goals, and grow your business.

Financial Director

“time@work gives me the information I need to make the right decisions”

time@work Benefits The FD

By giving you timely and accurate reporting, time@work enables you to make quick, informed commercial decisions.

Get a clear and consistent picture of your current position as time@work integrates seamlessly with all major accounting packages.

Have better control over your business using time@work’s multidimensional analysis. time@work shows you key metrics such as profit by client, project, task, employee, activity, company, department, and more.

Improve cash flow using time@work’s client approval process. This reduces queries on invoices and automated invoicing allows you bill when you choose, as often as you choose.

Make better informed billing decisions because time@work shows you what your discount and over-servicing rates really are.

Increase revenues with time@work’s easy to use interface. time@work encourages fee-earners to report all the hours they work and sophisticated overtime calculations allow you to bill overtime without adding to your workload.

Control expenses using the time@work’s expense entry module. This gives online validation and through the automatic invoicing of expenses, makes it cheaper and quicker to re-bill your customers.

Cut down the workload of billing by using time@work to bill on fixed-fee, milestone or time & materials basis quickly and efficiently.

Fee Earner

“time@work makes it easier for me to submit timesheets and expense claims, wherever I am”

time@work Benefits Fee Earner

time@work’s easy and intuitive time entry system allows you to pick from commonly used items and the online validation alerts you immediately if there’s a problem.

time@work has completely flexible time entry units which enable you to enter time in the way your client demand.

time@work lets you work the way you want by submitting time and expense data online using our zero deployment web client.

Work in your own language using the multi-lingual capabilities of time@work, including double-byte languages like Japanese.

The Professional Services Workbench provides you with up to date information on your future Projects, a complete index of your colleagues and their contact details, and reports providing you with exactly the information you need to do your job.

IT Director

“time@work is easy to implement and, because it uses the latest technologies, it will integrate with our next generation of systems”

time@work Benefits IT

time@work offers a clear, measurable return on investment.

Implementing time@work will result in minimal retraining and skill overhead as time@work is developed using industry standard technologies and is designed with ease of use and operation as a core feature.

time@work integrates with financial systems using predefined interfaces or XML and eliminates the need for you to maintain layers of “integration glue”

time@work’s zero-deployment option allows you to administer the application centrally, removing the chore of updating desktops and eliminating the risk of incompatible versions.

Minimize security risks using the time@work’s security tolls which allow you to define which individuals and roles are allowed access to particular data and functions.

Buy with confidence for the future as time@work is based on Microsoft .Net technology.

Resource Manager

“time@work enables me to spend less time on administration and I can concentrate on managing my projects and my people”

ime@work Benefits The Resource Manager

See how your people spend their time as time@work allows you to define tasks and to link text to individual lines in the timesheet.

Manage projects more effectively using the budgeting & planning module. This helps you forecast revenues and resources, and then shows you just how you’re doing against plans. Integration with Microsoft Project means that you can compare project plans to actuals at the touch of a button.

Manage resources more efficiently using time@work resource planning which helps you place the right people, with the right skills, in the right place at the right time.

Make more time for management and coaching as time@work reduces the amount of time you have to spend double-checking paperwork and performs your invoice and bonus calculations for you.

See who your most productive people are and make suitable training and deployment decisions as time@work gives you immediate access to information such as utilisation and discount rates.

Meet your customers’ billing requirements because time@work automatically invoices according to the terms agreed at the beginning of the project.


” time@work tells me what I’m going to be billed, and what for”

time@work Benefits IT

You will have greater control over your projects as time@work produces reports tailored to your requirements that can be viewed over the web or mailed to you automatically. You can see who is working on your project, the time they are spending on each activity and you can compare that against your project plan.

Manage your budgets because time@work’s reports enable you to see exactly what you are going to be billed, and provides a detailed or summary analysis of where time is being spent.

With time@work you will spend less time administering the approval process because time@work enables you to view reports directly from your desktop.