The Regard Partnership Implements [email protected]

The Regard Partnership Limited, a provider of Registered Residential Care and Supported Living services, has selected [email protected] – project accounting and project management software – to eliminate manual time sheets across the organisation and to improve the processing of payroll.

Michael Hawkes, Finance Director of The Regard Partnership Limited, states, “Our aim when considering implementing project accounting and management software was to make the payroll process more efficient. Our Care Home managers, who are responsible for completing staff timesheets, have previously spent hours filling in reams of paper and we needed this software to reduce the time spent on administration.”

[email protected] is designed to provide organisations with the tools, management information and processes needed to run a successful, efficient and profitable business. It provides rich analysis and flexibility and enables efficiencies within an organisation by integrating Time Recording, Expense Management, Billing and other, critical business applications.

Hawkes adds, “Previously, we had been using manual, paper-based time sheets and faxes. This proved to be an inefficient way of capturing time for our employees as we have hundreds of members of staff located in homes all over England and Wales. [email protected] has improved the speed of the payment process, has increased accuracy and eliminated the duplication of information. When using a manual system the time it took to process payments was significantly longer due to staff having to re-input information into a number of places. The [email protected] platform enables The Regard Partnership to improve efficiencies of the payroll process as a whole.”

The Regard Partnership Limited is a leading provider of Registered Residential Care and Supported Living (including Domiciliary Care) services for a wide range of children and adults with complex needs. Their services for Adults focus on meeting the needs of people with Learning Disabilities, Enduring Mental Health problems or an Acquired Brain Injury. In relation to Children they provide specialist Residential Care Homes for children with Learning Disabilities as well as Care Home provision with a 52 week residential school service for children who experience emotional and behavioural disorders.

Hawkes concludes, “We needed a system that had a simple interface and was very easy for our staff to use. The feedback from our Care Home mangers has been extremely positive. The automation of the process means that everything can be done through a browser and information can be sent to head office at the click of a button.”

Michael Sheehan, managing director of [email protected], said, “The Regard Partnership was experiencing a common problem that is rife in many organisations – inefficient time recording. By implementing [email protected] the company’s payroll will become more accurate and staff resources can be managed more efficiently.”


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