[email protected] & [email protected] 4.7 Update

Version 4.7 of [email protected] and [email protected] is planned for release towards the end of this year.

Version 4.7 will include a number of significant functional enhancements including an iPhone App for expenses and a complete revision of the Planning module. In addition we will be enabling the provision of web service access to [email protected] and [email protected] data.

In addition to these and other functional enhancements, we are consulting with clients and partners for their views on a number of additional features we are considering for 4.7. These include…..

  • Extending Routing Rules to provide another 20 steps at authorisation and review stage.
  • Introducing the option to split a form.
  • Providing the ability to manage approval notification text outside the Data Dictionary.
  • Enabling the ability to run Workflow Status Reports as grid-based Inquiries through the PSW.
  • Introducing a mechanism whereby an employee would not have to authorise/approve more then once.
  • Enabling Administrators to export data to Excel from PSW Maintenance pages.
  • Our Clients

    We would very much welcome the thoughts and input of our clients and partners on our development plans. Additionally if there are features you would like us to consider for 4.7 and beyond please do let us know. We can be contacted here or through our Twitter and Facebook Pages.