[email protected] and [email protected] Version 3 Overview

Although the initial enhancements in Version 3.0 have been infrastructural rather and functional, Version 3 does contain significant additional functionality in a number of areas.


The system has been upgraded to operate within Microsoft’s .Net Framework Version 2.0.and to be compatible with MS SQL Server 2005. Reporting is now compatible with Crystal Reports Version 11.

Many functions, including the Calculation and Posting algorithms have been completely rewritten in .Net.

Professional Services Workbench

Attendance Forms can be attached to Timesheets so that Employees can specify Start and End times for each day. Specifiable entry and calculated fields can also be defined.

Timesheets can now be specified as having a specified number of rows per page. Especially when timesheets are monthly and projects/rows are many, this enables performance improvement.

The way in which Crystal Reports are viewed and printed through the browser has been completely revised to reduce the number of steps and to simplify the process.

Graphical styles have been revised throughout.

Analysis Values can now be maintained from the PSW. This is a prototype for data maintenance through the browser, and we expect to release the maintenance of Clients, Projects, Tasks and Employees during the coming months. Access control to these screens is achieved by associating Employees with Users, whose Access Profile and Data Access profiles determine whether these functions are available, and which data can be maintained.

Data Maintenance

Attendance Form Types can be defined with configurable entry fields and calculations.

Attendance Forms may be associated with Employees or defined for the whole system in the System Parameters table.

Day Types have been extended to enable the specification of standard and earliest start times, and standard and latest end times for each day.

Analysis Definitions may now be defined as Time fields, and two such fields may be reserve (on the System Parameters table) for the purposes of Start and End Times on Attendance Forms.

Timesheet and Expense Report templates may now be specified for each Timesheet or Expense Form Type.

Employee records have been extended to enable association with Users (for the inheritance of Users’ menu and data access properties).


Inquiry Profiles have been extended to enable reporting on ATTENDANCE type records.


Ledger Export has been extended to enable the export of ATTENDANCE type records.

Timesheet Entry has been extended to enable the entry of Attendance Forms.