Version 4.5 November Launch

Version 4.5 of [email protected] and [email protected] will be launched at the [email protected] Conference on November 16th.

Version 4.5 will be the most important and significant release of our software to date and includes extensive functional, technical, user interface and platform enhancements:

[email protected] Mobile

Version 4.5 includes the release of Phase 1 of our mobile platform and will allow browser based timesheet and form entry, authorisation and review on iOS, Blackberry and Android devices. Version 4.5 will make it easy to complete a form or timesheet from any mobile device or save it in draft form to be completed from the desktop later.

User Interface

Ease of use has always been at the heart of the [email protected] design philosophy. Version 4.5 will build on this and include a completely redesigned browser interface with a cleaner and more modern feel which is consistent with the latest trends in web application usability.

Cloud Readiness

Version 4.5 will include significant technical and functional changes designed to enable Private and Public Cloud implementations of [email protected] and [email protected] Increasing amounts of the application will be web enabled and most significantly, we will enable access to 3rd party web services such as Exchange Rate providers and Mapping Services. Additionally we will enable points of data entry for additional zero-deployment devices, and points of use for programs such that you will be able to submit images and documents to using photocopiers, scanners and mobile or tablet cameras.

Functional Enhancements

Version 4.5 will contain a number of significant functional enhancements. Our current development plan is to include most of the following in the first 4.5 release:

  • Support for Microsoft Reporting Services.
  • Extended Reporting Functionality in Inquiry Profiles.
  • Optional manual entry of dates on Forms.
  • Options to establish ‘Favourites’ for forms to enable reuse of frequently used combinations of input fields.
  • Multiple Proxies, enabling the setup of more than one Proxy for an Employee.
  • Option to link a URLs to form rows.
  • Option to choose an individual to whom you want to submit a form or timesheet.
  • Forms and Timesheets will be posted immediately rather than using the Task Scheduler.
  • Extended Info Button so that authorisers can invoke reports and update analytical values without closing a form.
  • The recall function will be extended to allow users to recall forms from specific workflow steps.
  • Options to prevent self-authorisation or self-review.
  • Extended Routing steps – the current 10 options will be extended to 30.
  • A tooltip will enable you more easily to see the full content of a notes field, whatever the context.
  • Improved Audit Trails.
  • Improvements to Ledger Export and and XML Processing.