Version 4.9 Update

Our Development Team is making excellent progress with Version 4.9 and the following is an update on some of the key features planned for this release.

  1. We have  completed work on enabling a form/expense row to be viewed/edited/created in form view (vertical orientation) as an alternative to grid view (landscape orientation). You will be able to specify whether the default mode is form or grid. This new functionality is a significant enhancement to the forms functionality and will make the entry of complex/wide forms a lot easier.
  2. We’ve added enhancements to Calculations enabling conditional alternative calculations with different rules. This means that you won’t run out of calculations so rapidly when designing form types and timesheet types.
  3. We’ve begun work on rewriting parts of Data Import into .Net. This will enable the chaining of Ledger Export and Data Import, and the execution of Ledger Export/Data Import chains in the Task Scheduler. This new functionality will allow the set up of workflow for Project or Employee creation using forms and then export/import.
  4. We’ve started the transfer of invoicing into the browser. Rather than simply replicating the current invoicing steps in the browser we aim to make the process more flexible. For example you will be able to choose a Project and begin invoicing for that project without any intervening steps.
  5. We’re enabling the selection of multiple values for analysis fields. For example, you may want to choose several Employees from a list in an expense form.

Version 4.9 is scheduled for release in Q2 2015 and we will post regular updates in our Newsletter and on Twitter and Facebook.