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[email protected] is a rapidly configurable workflow & forms engine. Manage Invoice Registration, Absence, Procurement and Anti Bribery Requirements like Gifts & Hospitality.

On this page you will learn about our approach to deploying our On Premise Workflow Solution, [email protected]

If you would like to learn more about the functionality of [email protected] then visit our Workflow Software Functionality Page.


[email protected] On Premise Workflow Software

Our On-Premise Workflow Solution, [email protected] provides a highly configurable and flexible workflow system that can be deployed rapidly but which does not sacrifice the ease of use and rapid deployment typically associated with Cloud based Workflow Systems.

We can immediately implement a pre-configured "out of the box" system, giving you all the benefits of Cloud offerings while allowing you to maintain control over data security and infrastructure.

We also offer the option to customise the system to add dimensions, logic, workflow and reporting to meet your specific business needs. You can also choose language options to reflect your global requirements.

If a preconfigured solution doesn’t suit then we can configure your system from scratch based on your business needs. In addition if there comes a time when you wish to migrate your On-Premise Workflow System to the Cloud we can switch you over in a matter of hours with all your historical data included.