Our Pricing Models

[email protected] offers a range of pricing models and hosting options to suit the varying needs of organisations.

We guarantee that over a 3 year timeframe, our pricing models will be at least 15% less expensive than our competitors.

Whether you have a requirement for Expense Management, Time Recording, Professional Services Automation or Workflow, [email protected] offers pricing options for both Cloud & On Premise.

We are unique in that we offer both "On Premise SAAS" (charged on a per user per month basis) and also "Cloud Perpetual" (charged as an upfront licence purchase with separate hosting charges).

In addition we recognise that many organisations may have many more potential users than actual users each month and so we offer the option of either "Open Employee" or "Active Employee" schemes.

Volume discounts are available and we provide a guarantee that our total cost of ownership over 3 years will be less than any of our competitors.



  • On Premise Perpetual

    • Software Hosted: On Your Infrastructure.

    • Licence Model: Software Purchase.

  • On Premise Per Month

    • Software Hosted: On Your Infrastructure.

    • Licence Model: Per User Per Month.

  • Cloud Perpetual

    • Software Hosted: In Our Cloud.

    • Licence Model: Software Purchase.
  • Cloud Per Month

    • Software Hosted: In Our Cloud.

    • Licence Model: Per User Per Month.


Active Employee vs Open Employee Pricing

Each of the 4 pricing models described above is available under an Active or Open model.

So, what's the difference and why two options?

We recognise that organisations need flexibility!

Unlike many of our competitors we do not charge based on the number of expense claims submitted (why should you pay more because your employees are diligent and submit each expense claim as its incurred).

With this in mind we have a uniquely flexible pricing system which offers two simple models.

Open Employee

Put simply, this model is based on User Accounts. It is probably the model that you are most familiar with when buying business software.

Under this model you licence based on the total number of employees setup in the system, ie have the ability to log into the system.

This licence model is great and highly cost effective if the majority of your employees use the system every month.

However many organisations do not work like that and only a percentage of their employees (say, 40%) submit claims each month.

Why should you pay for licences that are not being used?

This is where the Active Model comes in.

Active Employee

Put simply, this model is based on those employees who are actually using the system to claim expenses each month.

Why pay a full licence for employees who may only submit a claim a few times per year?

Under this model you licence based on the average number of employees who use the system over a given period, typically 3, 6 or 12 months.

This licence model is most appropriate where the number of active users each month is significantly less than the total pool of potential users. Another great advantage of this model is that you only pay once per employee per period no matter how many forms or timesheets they submit.



No matter which pricing model you choose we offer a number of implementation models to match your requirements.

Our solutions can be deployed off the shelf as "Ready To Go" or can be tweaked and customised to suit very specific requirements around such areas as dimensions, logic, workflow and reporting.

We also offer seamless switching from On Premise to Cloud (and Visa Versa) with minimal down time (less than 1 day) and full data retention.

Ready To Go

Use one of our pre configured Ready To Go Solutions to minimise implementation time and cost.

Tweak It

If our Ready To Go systems don’t quite meet your requirements we can Tweak all aspects of the system to match your specification. Everything from workflow, reports and form design can be tailored on demand.


If you’d prefer to start with a clean slate, and need a classic implementation project involving analysis, prototyping, documentation, configuration, testing, training and go-live, then contact us for a quote. Classic implementations are done by about 50% of our clients and can involve just a few days’ of consulting or many dozens.