Can Software Save The Environment

There is no doubting that one of the “big” issues at the moment is the environment. Not a day goes buy without some element of the media reporting on how we are destroying the planet with our excessive travelling and wasteful ways.

Until recently, I saw green matters as very much a “home” issue (“turn off the lights kids”, etc) but recent conversations with clients led to the development of new functionality in [email protected] and [email protected] which I genuinely believe will make a difference.

Those of you who work with our applications will be aware that they enable organisations to track expenses and the time spent by employees on various activities. Of course this enables users of [email protected] and [email protected] to track the number of miles they travel or the number of flights, taxis or trains they take. But what about taking this a stage further? If software can calculate a consultants daily fee or the VAT reclaimable on an expense then why not have it calculate the CO2 emissions or Carbon Footprint score of an employee each month!

Of course our software rose to the challenge and the result is a new module in [email protected] and [email protected] which will tell an employee exactly how much CO2 has been released into the environment by their activities. Behavioural scientists will tell you how feedback loops are a significant influence on behaviour. In case you are wondering, a feedback loop in this context is a score beside every line of an expense claim and a league table of the worst or best employees ranked by their CO2 score.

Of course software cannot save the environment by itself but to quote a bigger corporation than ours “every little helps”.