Excerpt From Our Current PR campaign

We are currently doing a lot of marketing and PR around Software as a Service and our recent decision to offer hosted solutions to our clients.

Increasingly, potential users of our PSA solution [email protected] and our expense management solution [email protected] are asking us about hosting options and “pay as you go” pricing models.

We sent the following letter to number of industry publications over the past few days. I will be interesting to see what the pickup is…..

“Once upon a time we all had computers that had to be connected to the corporate mainframe in order to be able to operate. Then we had computers that were distributed around the building and we all shared the processing workload on our PCs. Then we had something called ASPs where we were supposed to have a PC but all the software was somewhere else. That didn’t catch on and we then had things called thin clients that did their processing back at the server – just like the once upon a time.
You might think that this is all a vicious circle – well it would be apart from the internet.

Given the internet and the worldwide web, that’s Web 2.0 to some of you, there are now a host of applications that can be run from the equivalent of a phone, not even needing a full blown laptop.

The internet is here to stay. It’s just too good and too useful to go away. It will just get quicker.

So Mr F.D. wake up! Stop thinking that you have to buy all the software that your company operates. If the product that you are considering does not offer the option of a ‘pay as you use it’ service, then the company you are dealing with will either go out of business soon or is a dinosaur waiting for it to happen!

In the coming 3 years, everything from expense claims and time recording, to accounting and project management software will be available as hosted solutions operating at lightning speed under a completely secure and robust internet based delivery platform. These services will be available from any terminal or device on the planet, wherever your staff need to use it.

If it isn’t, don’t buy it!”