[email protected] Goes Live At Westminster

With the launch of [email protected] in Westminster this week (see The Telegraph, The BBC and our [email protected] Twitter Feed)  we have seen the culmination of what is without doubt the most high profile Expense Management Project ever seen in the UK.

Over the past 3 months we have been working closely with staff at Calyx and IPSA (The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority) to configure and implement [email protected] around the the new Parliamentary Expenses Rules.

The remit was to implement a packaged solution which would be configured with the very specific rules for MPs expenses defined by IPSA but which ultimately fulfils the 4 fundamental success criteria we set for any Expense Management implementation:

  • Easy To Use
  • Enables Policy Enforcement
  • Facilitates Transparency & Reporting
  • Technologically Robust & Scalable

Of course, this particular project brought its own unique challenges, not least of which were the very tight time-scales (the system was effectively implemented in 2 months) and the high profile nature of the implementation and its end users.

We are delighted with how the system looks and operates and I would like to thank all those who worked long hours over the past weeks to ensure the project was a success.