Focus = Strength = Success

I presented at the Touchstone Sales Conference last Friday at Pendley Manor Hotel near Tring. Touchstone is one of our largest Resellers and Business Partners and this year the theme of their sales kick-off meeting was Focus = Strength = Success. It was a timely opportunity to speak to the Team as the recent changes at our company have all been geared towards focusing our operations both as a Sales & Services organisation but also as a Software Development Company.

My key message was that the truly successful Software Companies of tomorrow will have their edge (or strength) because of their focus on core competencies and a specialisation in their chosen market sectors. Common descriptions for this approach are terms such as being “Vertically” or “Niche” focused but the practical manifestation of this is always the same – be the very best at whatever you choose to do! This applies to the role of an individual Salesperson or Consultant just as much as it does to an organisation such as ours.

Our success with [email protected] has been achieved in part because of the wealth of experience we have built up in working with Professional Services Organisations throughout the world and our extensive user base now benefiting from [email protected] reflects our deep understanding of the Technical, Cultural and Compliance issues surrounding employee expense management in today’s organisations.

Additionally, we have invested heavily in harnessing the experiences of our Consultants working with [email protected] and [email protected] and translating that knowledge into software solutions that reflect the requirements of our Customers and Potential Clients.

For our work with Professional Services Organisations we encourage all our Sales staff and Consultants to read “Managing The Professional Services Firm” by David H. Maister. It is probably the most complete book which has been written on the subject and will provide even the casual reader with a good understanding of the issues addressed by solutions such as [email protected]