Innovative Companies

I’ve always known that our Time Recording and Expense Management Software appealed to a particular type of organisation. Generally they tend to be dynamic companies, who have a forward looking outlook and see technology as a mechanism for productivity enhancement and an enabler for more effective management decision making.

I was particularly pleased to see two of our clients recently receive very positive comments in the press.

The renowned American Publication, FastCompany, recently published an article entitled the The Worlds 50 Most Innovative Companies. FastCompany is a publication I particularly enjoy. For those unfamiliar with its style, its a mix of The Economist meets Wired meets GQ.

At number 23 in their list for 2008 is Arup, one of the worlds leading Engineering Companies and a longtime user of [email protected]

Closer to home, The Sunday Times Top 100 List’s always make interesting reading and last Sunday it was the turn of the Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies.

Listed at Number 13 is another longstanding [email protected] user Brand Learning who are a dynamic and highly successful Marketing Consultancy.

I would never be so bold as to suggest that our software was the reason for the success enjoyed by Arup or Brand Learning, however I do like to think that the attributes of these successful organisations and their attitude to Information Technology is reflected in their choice of [email protected] as a Solution Provider and [email protected] as the software to manage their business.