IPSA Launches MP’s Pay And Pensions Pages

Readers might be interested in a note I had today from our [email protected] client IPSA, advising that they have just launched the MPs’ Pay and Pensions web pages. This is part of their long term and evidence based review of MPs’ pay and pensions.

Over the coming weeks these pages will host comment and views from a wide variety of interested parties. There will be surveys and polls as well as factual information about MPs’ pay and pensions and links to useful background and papers.

This is the first time there has been this sort of public discussion about how our legislators will be remunerated and IPSA want to stimulate debate and hear people’s views. Visitors to the web pages can comment on the IPSA blogs and articles from external commentators, take part in polls and surveys and follow the debate on twitter via @MPpayandpension
IPSA’s engagement activity will also involve local, regional and national media work, polling, citizens juries, focus groups and a seminar hosted by the Institute for Government and the Department of Politics are Oxford University, among other things.
To visit the page click here.