The Problem With MP’s Expenses

The recent controversies regarding the Expense Claims of UK Members of Parliament is typical of the problems we come across with clients when implementing our Expense Management solution [email protected]

With the extravagances now very much in the Public Domain, 2 schools of thought are emerging as a solution… The Prime Minister wishes to introduce an allowance system (very common in the Public Sector) whereas Mr Cameron prefers the “justify and receipt it” approach (a typically Private Sector system).

The correct approach would be to pay our MP’s a “decent” salary, (which I accept is a subjective term) and then implement a rigorous system of controlling MP’s expenses with the same level of accountability and justification that is required in any commercial operation. The consequences for breaching this should be the same as in any private company (a byelection!).

A fair salary for an MP is a hornet’s nest I won’t poke today but given that these men and women run our country I think the number should at least be on a par with the earnings of those who run our private companies and institutions.

Raising MP’s salaries might actually help the Chancellor right now as he would get some of the money back courtesy of his shameful 50% shocker yesterday.