Upgrading The [email protected] Website

We have been making some structural changes to the [email protected] Website over the past few weeks.

This is primarily to improve the speed with which users can access information about our Time Recording and PSA Solution time[email protected] and our Expense Management Software [email protected]

We have also added a new Case Studies section and additionally migrated the [email protected] page to the ScreenCast platform. This will make it very easy to publish our Webcasts and Seminars to the site within minutes of live events.

We have noticed a steady increase in the number of visitors to the site in recent months. The is partly because of the natural growth in the user community but we believe its also because of our high Google Rankings which are consistently seeing us in the top 2 or 3 on the natural listings for Time Recording and Expense Management queries.

Ensuring that visitors to the site find it easy to navigate is a primary objective for us and to aid with this and improve interactivity we have been experimenting with some of the new tools and technologies available to us.

One of the more interesting developments has been the introduction of “Brenda” (name under review!). Brenda is a breed of website technology known as an Avatar and we have been experimenting with how we can use this to guide visitors to the appropriate section of our site easily and with minimal distraction.

Its very early days and you are likely to see alot of changes and improvements to the realism, voice style and content in the coming months. Of particular interest is the way we can use AI technology to enable these Avatars to simulate real time chat in sections of the site such as support and sales.

Let me know what you think!