Version 4.5

Work is progressing well with the development of [email protected] and [email protected] Version 4.5 and these are currently slated for release in the late summer.

One of the most interesting new features in version 4.5 will be support for Mobile devices, (iPhone, Blackberry and Android) and user’s of these devices will be able to Enter, Authorise and Review Expense Forms and Timesheet’s.

In addition, Version 4.5 continues our strategy of releasing increasing amounts of functionality through the browser, thereby enabling clients who so wish, to deploy [email protected] and [email protected] via a hosting provider. Of particular interest are the following functions which will be available through the Browser:

  • Cross Rates and Value Tables.
  • Ledger Modification.
  • Ledger Export.

  • Since version 3.3, the routing of Forms and Timesheet’s has been automatic and immediate (no longer requiring the Task Scheduler). From version 4.5, this functionality will be extended to include Posting so that Forms and Timesheet’s will be immediately posted when authorisation and review are complete.

    Version 4.5 will also include changes to the underlying technology in [email protected] and [email protected] In particular as part of our technical transition, Inquiry Profile code will be completely rewritten in .Net.

    Version 4.5 will include support for Microsoft Reporting Services as an alternative to Crystal and I know that this will be of particular interest to many of our clients.

    Finally for now, one of the most exciting developments in Version 4.5 will be support for Web Services which will allow organisations to configure access to external services for their employees. For example [email protected] and [email protected] users will be able to obtain exchange rates or mileage and distance information between post codes.

    We are currently in discussions with clients and partners regarding the final 4.5 feature list and details on these will be announced in June.