Watching Discussions On MP’s Pay With Interest

There has been considerable media interest in the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority’s (IPSA) final report on MPs’ pay.

There were no great surprises announced (in summary, an increase in salary and a reduction in allowances) and the net effect to the tax payer is reported to be zero.

My colleagues and I at [email protected] have a particular interest in the discussions because our Expense Management Software, [email protected] is the system at the heart of managing MP’s expenses.

For those with an interest in all things [email protected], (and assuming that the changes are eventually approved by Parliament), the [email protected] software at IPSA will be reconfigured to cater for the following changes which IPSA have recommended:

– The scrapping of claims relating to resettlement when an MP loses office.

– Increased expense restrictions around evening meals, late taxis and rules regarding when hotels can be booked after a late sitting.

As [email protected] is a parameterised and configurable system, these changes can be deployed at an application level along with other updates to [email protected] taking place in advance of the 2015 general election.