The [email protected] Budgeting Module enables organisations to establish unlimited budgets for forecasting and planning of both time and expenses.

time@work Annual Role Based Budget

[email protected] Annual Role Based Budget

Central administrative planning can take place through [email protected] Maintenance and [email protected] also enables Employees to plan their own time or their team’s time through the browser-based Budgeting Module.

time@work Project & Employee Specific Budget

[email protected] Project & Employee Specific Budget

You can see a short video presentation showing [email protected] Budgeting by clicking the play button below.

This presentation shows some of the reports that can be generated when using the [email protected] Budgeting module.

Key Features

  • Plan employees’ allocations to projects (including Holiday).
  • Plan projects’ requirements for staff (by role and/or employee).
  • Plan employee and other expenses by Project.
  • Compare Actuals (from Timesheets) with Forecasts and Plans.
  • Calculate financial implications of plans including fees, costs and departmental cross charges.
  • Monitor and update several budgets at once, and copy between them.
  • Plan Employees’ time on Projects (if you are a team leader).
  • Plan each Project singly (if you are a project manager).
  • Scroll forwards and backwards in time.
  • Plan by Day, Timesheet Period, or Accounting Period.
  • Plan in Minutes, Hours or Days, or partial units.
  • Use Allocation Profiles to search for Employees based on Skills, Availability etc. (see Resource Planning).
  • Allocate Employees to Projects at configurable levels of certainty (see Resource Planning).
  • Use [email protected]’s standard reporting tools to compare Actuals with Budgets, or Multiple Budgets.
  • Enable Diary Maintenance for Employees, enabling them to update Project allocations.
  • Enable Diary Control for team, departmental, or divisional leaders.