The [email protected] Invoicing Module is a highly configurable and flexible billing engine which is designed to handle the many different invoice types and professional services billing scenarios:

time@work Invoice Worksheet

  • Invoices based on time and materials accumulated from timesheets and expense forms.
  • ‘Fixed price’ invoices based on dates or Project/Task milestones.
  • Period invoices based on Annual, Monthly, Accounting or Timesheet Periods.
  • Ad-hoc invoices for payment in advance with the option of subsequent allocation of Work in Progress.
  • Ad-hoc Credit Notes.
  • Full or partial Invoice Reversals (with release of Work in Progress).
  • Multiple billing for automated Work in Progress billing.

  • time@work Invoice Example

    Key Features

  • Optional separation or combination of Timesheet and Expenses.
  • Optional automatic revaluation with manual exchange rate override.
  • Opportunities for deferment of chosen work in progress.
  • Optional discounting of chosen work in progress.
  • Optional entry of additional invoice lines.
  • Multiple invoice formats.
  • Four separate dates can be tracked (Invoice Date, Due Date, Tax Date and Other Date).
  • Optional addition of invoice text.
  • Export to accounting.
  • Unlimited Invoice Sequences (and optional separate sequences for Credit Notes).
  • Flexible definition of Invoice Worksheets enabling the presentation of appropriate data during invoicing.
  • Optional Invoice Approval and Review workflow (with optional email notification).
  • Invoice Status reports.
  • Full reporting on discounts from Work in Progress value through the use of balancing entries for Timesheets, Expenses, Invoices and Discounts.