Resource Planning


The [email protected] Resource Planning Module enables organisations to optimise the deployment of resources by matching the right Employees, with the right skills, to the needs of each Project and Task.

time@work Resource Planning

Employee searches can be carried out on the basis of:

  • Minimum required skill levels.
  • Required Role.
  • Other analytical dimensions of Employees.
  • Required Dates.
  • Additionally the [email protected] allows soft and hard allocations of Employees to Projects using user-definable Allocation Levels.

    Allocations made by Users are communicated to Employees by email and through the Professional Services Workbench. Additionally, time based schedule reports can be opened through the Professional Services Workbench to show time or other values by Project or Employee.

    Key Features

  • Manage unlimited Skill Groups and Skills.
  • Record and track Employee Skills.
  • Record and manage Project and Task Skills.
  • Unlimited Allocation Levels.
  • Prevents over-allocation
  • Allocation Tool integrated with Budgeting enables the Allocation of Employees to Tasks.
  • View Allocation Schedules for each Employee.
  • Allocation Alerts inform Employees of changes in Allocations.