The [email protected] Timesheet Module has been designed to combine Employee ease of use with powerful and flexible analysis, reporting and fee/cost calculations.

Sample time@work Timesheet 1

Capturing Project, Task, Completion, Status etc

Multiple timesheet types can be setup and configured and then deployed to groups or individuals based on organisational, client, project or individual data capture requirements.

Sample time@work Timesheet 2

A Simpler Form Capturing Project Only

[email protected] can be configured to link Attendance Forms with Timesheets to record start and end times for working days. In addition you can optionally require additional entry fields for absent times (such as break or meal times) and [email protected] will determine non-social or overtime hours and ensure that accurate break time reporting is available to meet statutory regulations.

Sample Attendance Timesheet

An Example Of A Timesheet & Attendance Form

[email protected] timesheets can record Project, non-Project and absent time and timesheets can be submitted, by week, fortnight, month or other period.

Each timesheet can calculate costs, fees and inter-departmental charges using definable rules for employees, roles, departments, projects, clients, companies and other dimensions.

Timesheets are submitted and authorised through a user friendly browser window and can be routed for authorisation based on reporting lines or conditional rules (such as Project Manger).

Additionally, permitted Users of [email protected] Maintenance can use direct Timesheet Entry to enter timesheets and authorise them on behalf of Employees. This is especially useful when absence is unplanned or sudden.

Key Features

  • User-definable Timesheet Periods.
  • User-definable Day Types (Working Day, Holiday, etc.).
  • Multiple Calendars based on Day Types.
  • Calendars at Company Level and Employee Level.
  • Multiple Timesheet Types.
  • Multiple Entry Units (Hours, Minutes, Days, etc.).
  • Optional analytical columns.
  • Multiple Calculation Sequences based on entered time.
  • Optional Role entry.
  • Optional enforcement of Standard Hours.
  • Optional entry of Status (e.g. Charge, Free of Charge, etc.).
  • Optional enforcement of Notes entry.
  • Optional enforcement of Notes entry at Employee, Client, Project, Task, and Analysis level.
  • Optional entry of Role.
  • Optional entry of time at Project or Task Level.
  • Detailed control of Projects available to each Employee for time entry.
  • Optional timesheet authorisation.
  • Optional capture of ‘overbudget’ or ‘near budget’ conditions.
  • Optional partial submission.
  • Rules-based validation of entry fields.

  • Key Features – Attendance Forms

  • Default Start and End Times by Day Type.
  • Optional Next Day End Times.
  • Flexible Minimum Time Interval.
  • Multiple Attendance Form Types.
  • Multiple Minimum Time Interval.
  • Multiple Calculation Sequences based on elapsed time.
  • Optional additional entry and display calculations.
  • Optional enforcement of consistency with Timesheet.
  • Flexible Definition by Day Type of Earliest Start Times, Latest End Times etc.