Tracking Flexitime In [email protected]

[email protected]’s flexible setup is ideally suited to the needs of organisations that need to track employee flexitime balances.




In the example above, our employee Stephen Hughes is recording hours spent per day on different projects. This is a monthly timesheet but the system can also be configured for weekly timesheets.

With the working hours set to 8 hours per day (a configurable setting in the system), each minute/hour that Stephen works over 8 hours is recorded as a balance “owing to him”. Anytime that Stephen elects to take time off (in this example identified as 4 hours of  “Flexi Time Taken” on Friday 6th), the system reduces the balance.

Extensive reporting options are available in [email protected] including, as can be seen below, the option to track days worked by Project with a breakdown of the overtime accrued and flexitime taken.