[email protected] and [email protected] Version 3.3.5

Versions 3.3.5 of [email protected] and [email protected] have been released. This is primarily a maintenance release and fixes some bugs and inconsistencies from previous versions. This article contains a summary of these fixes.

The following is a description of the problems or error corrections and enhancements provided with this version:

[email protected] Maintenance fails with newer version of fm20.dll due to Microsoft Office Updates.

[email protected] Maintenance: application version now shown in status bar.

Employees must be ordered by name when listed in the Employee selection panel in the Project Roles tab in the PSW Maintenance form for Projects.

When records are grouped and ungrouped in Approval Profiles in the PSW summary some field values are lost.

Timesheet generation fails when email address for administrator employee is missing.

Totals are not shown in approval profiles when there are records with different currency units. However, a zero value and null currency unit should not be considered as a value with a different currency unit.

Timesheets can’t be generated by Employees in the PSW for periods for which Forms have been posted.

There is no option to send either to Employee or Authoriser when returning a form using Partial Return.

Credit Card Import fails if source file contains lines without a Credit Card Number.

Dates are not formatted correctly in Firefox when used with some non-English languages.

The option of returning a form to Authoriser or Employee is not effective, with the form always being returned to Employee.

Corrects a problem which lead certain Header activity analysis values in forms to be deleted.

Date is formatted incorrectly in the approval status history window.

Currency combo resizing is influenced incorrectly by other fields in PSW forms.

There is black information panel in [email protected] Maintenance Timesheet Entry (on Microsoft Vista only).

Attendance Form Types are not listed as Document Types in Active Schedule selection parameters.

Graphical problems occur when showing Forms in Progress on IE7.

A project for which a planned invoice is triggered by Completion is not shown in invoicing when the Project Completion field is checked.

When an Approval Profile is closed the employee should be returned to the list of approval profiles.

Information in headers is sometimes deleted during creation of a new line in an unsaved Form if a Project with Calculation Entry Suppression is chosen as the first project.

Document Type doesn’t allow selection of Attendance Form Types in Inquiry Profiles.