[email protected] and [email protected] Version 3.3.6

[email protected] & [email protected] Version 3.3.6 has been released. This version contains a number of enhancements and bug fixes and this article summarises these.

Corrects an issue whereby Opening Approvals fails if the transactions to approve have Start Time and/or End Time set to NULL.

Resolves an issues whereby import fails if the collation of used database is case sensitive and target table is Projects, Employees, Clients or Value Tables.

Improved the handling of Header analysis so that values are retained on the 2nd and subsequent pages of a Form.

Improved the presentation and layout of Row Spacing when Document Link / Attach is used.

Totals of Grouped lines in Approvals are now updated after grouping and modification.

Start with Client‘ option is now taken into account when selection tool is shown in My Diary.

Resolved an issue whereby Approval Profiles triggers an error: Must declare the scalar variable “@task” on case sensitive database.

Non-numeric References can now be used when importing expenses for Approval.

Resolved the Error during load of controls in Ledger Modification.

The “Show All Open Projects” option is now working as intended in Timesheet Generation.

Corrected an anomaly such that if a user cannot save Projects then [email protected] Maintenance still saves changes when switching to Values tab.

Improved the Page Handling such that when Commit / Cancel on Approvals is pressed in PSW it takes you to a list of approval profiles rather than a previously viewed page.

Data Import Profiles now reflect the latest entity data structures.

Field “Associated User” is now available in Import of Employees.

Resolved an Error when setting up Open From / To Date on Entities in PSW.

We have increased the size of the Notes Box in Notes History Tool.