[email protected] and [email protected] Version 3.3.4

Versions 3.3.4 of [email protected] and [email protected] have been released. This is primarily a maintenance release and fixes some bugs and inconsistencies from previous versions. This article contains a summary of these fixes.

Corrected a problem whereby splitting in Invoicing fails when Sorting by Line Number is used.

Activity analysis fields specified as Header fields are initially disabled. They are now always enabled.

Empty columns in form grid are indicated by thin vertical header lines. These are now removed.
Corrected a problem whereby some Submission notes disappear on the notes function when used with Routing Rules.

We have now introduced an option to specify where Linked Documents are stored.

The “My Skills Button” has been removed from [email protected]

After committing Approvals the PSW returns to the Home Page.

The Summary skills is now more readable.

Corrected a problem whereby the Day picker was not shown correctly on Mac OS X.

Access Values and Expense Types tab names were switched on Employee record in Maintenance. This is now corrected.

Corrected a problem whereby if the Document Type name contains an apostrophe then the opening of Journal Entry fails.

Corrected a problem importing analysis to Projects which fails if the project contained advisory notes.

Tabs on Approval Profiles were not working correctly. This has been resolved.

We have resolved an issue whereby the Unit value is incorrectly set to NULL when a calculation is not included in the review stage of an expense.

We have corrected an minor issue with the Ledger export script missing a command.
Value Tables were returning an error when evaluating Expense Type of more than 30 characters. This is now resolved.

Corrected an issue whereby Submission notes disappear from a Form when Error Hierarchies create a warning.

Corrected an issue which caused problems with opening New Timesheets at year end.

List of Periods now contains all periods in system from today.

Corrected an anomaly whereby Invoice allocation does not show unallocated invoices if the user who finalised them has been deleted.

Corrected an issue whereby Start time and End time aren’t prefilled on Attendance forms.

Corrected a problem in the archiving of Project Ledger.

Resolved an issue with the the Spanish and Czech versions of the software whereby regional settings cause loss of data during recalculate and post.

Corrected a problem with Attendance Forms whereby if you have Derive Duration from Timesheet enabled on an Attendance Form, the copied line is not evaluated correctly.