[email protected] Version 4.8.6 Released


[email protected] is today announcing the release of [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] Version 4.8.6.

Version 4.8.6 contains a number of corrections and enhancements (See Below) together with improvements in the web services for the App. In particular, download performance is greatly improved.

Version 1.3 of the [email protected] App, for use with [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] will shortly be available on the App Store.

Corrections & Enhancements

  • We have enhanced Approval Profiles so that you can now suppress the lower set of buttons used for controlling validation and posting.
  • Filtering by Hungarian characters is now supported in the PSW.
  • Successor Form Type is now correctly stored when no value selected in Form Types.
  • When Approval Notes are not included in Approval Profile and if in the PSW grid you use grouping you can now group and ungroup.
  • Analysis values containing the string ‘and’ can now be used when Accumulations are used in Ledger Modification.
  • The splitting of transactions in Ledger Modification now marks new transactions as exported if the original transactions were also exported.
  • “Upload As” is no longer set to an empty string when no value is selected in Form Types.
  • PSW Help for [email protected] and [email protected] has been refined to no longer contain help for Timesheet Confirmation and Timesheet Assigning Employees.

For further information on 4.8.6 please Contact Us.