[email protected] Version 6.1.3 Released

“Version 6.1.3 Delivers Planning Profile Improvements & Additional Web Functionality”


[email protected] is delighted to announce the release of [email protected] Software Version 6.1.3 for Infor SunSystems and Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Version 6.1.3 of [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] introduce a number of new features and also rectify previously reported bugs.

New Features

Version 6.1.3 contains the following enhancements:

  • Up to five additional header activity analysis fields (or alternative analysis values) may be included alongside the standard Memo field in lists of forms (forms in progress, to be authorised, confirmed, reviewed, or historical forms). For example, a Vendor name may be shown for a form used for invoice registration.
  • Planning Profiles may now restrict selection of Project or Employee to those for which the current Employee is defined as Project Manager or Line Manager.
  • Planning Profiles may be defined to enforce runtime parameter selection.
  • Planning Profiles may be defined to allow the selection of one and only one Employee or Project.
  • Employee Index now shows Role selections horizontally rather than vertically, saving vertical space in order that more Employee rows are visible.
  • More than one Exchange server may now be defined for diary integration.
  • Distribution Masks may now be maintained in the browser-based Professional Services Workbench (PSW).
  • Statuses may now be maintained in the browser-based Professional Services Workbench (PSW).
  • Purge Status profiles may now be defined for use in the browser-based Professional Services Workbench (PSW).

Bug Fixes

We hate bugs as much as you do. The following are the bugs rectified in this version:

4924   It is no longer possible to submit a document to workflow (for example send an expense form for authorisation) if the Next Action Employee is closed (ie of the Manager has left the organisation).

4927   Calculated fields are no longer impacted when an SSRS template is opened using the Edit button.

4926   Corrected an issues whereby if  the “Next Step” value is set in Routing rules for a specific step, then transmission text used for this step doesn’t work. Notifications are not sent for “Form Returned by Auth to Empl” action (both email and app notification).

4925   Resolved an issue whereby “Only Current Client” checkbox does not show Client Employees on Project records when Client Employee role is set on Project record.

4922   Tabs are now remembered when user navigates next / previous record in the PSW.

4919   We have improved data handling so that the system will now right trim whitespace characters from all key entities such as Client, Project, Employee etc.

4918   Resolved an issue whereby if time is entered in Internet Explorer using new “clock”/notes pop-up, then hours are not recalculated until “Save & Validate”.

4916   Level Up and Level Down buttons no longer include Employees from previous search.

4914   Diaries now evaluate Employee Index Settings on Roles correctly.

4913   Employees can now edit their own diaries from Employee Index.

4910   On first login to the PSW the login screen no longer flashes for an instant before the Today page is shown.

4905   Displaying “Recent projects” in selection tool no longer ends with error when Client is selected.

4902   When using Static Data Inquiries to export data, after completion the screen now returns to the list of Profiles and not the home page.

4899   If the Criteria Selection step of an Approval Profile contains a reference to more than one Approval Status Definition, the profile no longer fails when executed.

4894   We have corrected an issue regarding the incorrect validation of Employee record/password, specifically  the “Upper Case” and “Special Character” check boxes.

4829  Corrected an issue whereby if Activity Analysis is set to “Use selection tool”, and this activity is read only during form entry (no Project and/or Expense Type selected) – when user clicks on the disabled selection tool button, it causes all other fields (except Attachment and Subreport) to be disabled until employee clicks on save & validate.

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