[email protected] and [email protected] Version 2.5.17

Version 2.5.17 of [email protected] and [email protected] has been released.

In addition to bug fixes, Version 2.5.17 contains the following enhancements:

Employees not forced to enter time on days when they have not started or have left.

Enhanced Project/Task Search tool.

Make Global Search the default.

Remove magnifying glasses and replace with ‘Search by Project’ and ‘Search by Project Name’ in light blue or white – left justified.

Move checkboxes for First Characters and Global to top of search tool – text in light blue or white.

’50 per page’ instead of ‘Filter 50’.

Global / First Characters – Default is to be set by System Parameters.

Background blue changed.

Client Search tool option to be added.

Start date on Timesheet Period and Accounting Periods to be shown in combos in Active Schedules.

Activity Analysis – exclude from standard hours.

Activity Analysis – suppress.

Find and Replace on Approval Status Values.