[email protected] and [email protected] Version 3.1.3

Version 3.1.3 of [email protected] & [email protected] has been released and contains a number of significant enhancements.

Active Schedules

Active Schedule reports can now be exported to Excel from the PSW and printed.

You may also now define selection criteria so that only your team of employees or the projects you manage are shown. This is done by relating the selection field, such as Employee, to a Role, such as ‘Line Manager’. At runtime the Active Schedule will select only Employees for whom you are the Line Manager.

Approval Profiles

Totals are now shown for calculations included in Approval Profiles. You may also define the number of Rows to show for each Approval Profile. This number was previously taken from System Parameters.


The current mechanism for rounding calculated values in any document (by number of decimal positions) has been extended so that numbers can be rounded to the nearest specific numeric value. For example you may want to round values to the nearest multiple of 0.25.

My Diary

My Diary in the PSW may now be sorted by any field.

Transmission Text

Transmission Text enables you define email subject and body text for messages sent by Routing to proxies, employees, authorisers and reviewers of Timesheets and Forms. Until now, in a multi company context, it has been tedious to have to create the same text for each company. A copy button now makes this easy.

Analysis Definition

You may now specify that an Activity Analysis value is to be posted only once per timesheet row. This is useful when you are using an activity analysis field to hold a numeric value, such as ‘expense value’ or ‘time to go’ and you want to hold the value only once in the project ledger so that numeric summaries are correct.