[email protected] and [email protected] Version 3.1.6

Version 3.1.6 of [email protected] has been released and contains a number of significant enhancements.

PSW Timesheet Validation

Prior to 3.1.6, Timesheet validation using Error Tables and Error Hierarchies did not validate calculated values (such as Fee Values, or accumulated Total Days on a Project). Only Days, Hours, and Minutes were available for validation. From Version 3.1.6 the results of calculations defined for a Timesheet Type can be validated during Entry or Authorisation in the PSW. This enables you to test, for example, accumulated hours entered against a Project against an Employee’s allocated hours or total hours for a Project.

PSW Left Menu Bar Scrolling

Improvements have been made to the layout of the Left Side Menu for those users with low resolution monitors..

PSW Inquiry Profiles

Version 3.1.5 enabled the use of Roles to define the range of Employee or Project data to be reported using Active Schedules for an individual Employee logged in to the PSW. 3.1.6 extends this concept to Inquiry Profiles in that you may now define an Inquiry Profile (using [email protected] Maintenance) to show data only for the ‘Current Employee’ or for Employees for whom the current Employee is ‘Line Manager’ or for Projects for whom the current Employee is ‘Project Manager’. This powerfully extends the way in which Inquiry Profiles can deliver up-to-date reports showing only data appropriate to the Employee logged in to the PSW.

The left-hand menu bar has also been removed from the report display stage.

PSW Data Maintenance

Search fields (Employee, Employee Name, Project, Project Name, etc.) have been provided so that the initial grids showing lists of each data type can be more easily filtered.

PSW Timesheet Notes

You may now, optionally (by Timesheet Type) define the pixel width and pixel depth of the Notes field (which now also allows entry of more than 255 characters).


Reprint Invoices has been enhanced to enable the user to view invoice data in the ‘invoice worksheet’ format that was used for the production of the invoice.

Project Record

The description field on the Project record has been extended to 4, 000 characters.