[email protected] and [email protected] Version 3.1.7

Version 3.1.7 of [email protected] and [email protected] has been released and contains a number of significant enhancements.


Status Inquires are now available as ‘Workflow Status’ reports through the PSW. They must contain no runtime parameters but you may use Employee-to-Employee Roles to restrict the Employees selected by the report to those appropriate to the Employee running the report. For example, by setting Employee = Line Manager in the Selection Criteria you will select only Employees for whom the currently logged in Employee is Line Manager.

Reorganisation of reporting in the PSW with ‘Inquiry Profiles’ as a separate listing being replaced by several options under Repoirts: ‘Published Reports’, ‘New Published Reports’, ‘Immediate Reports’, ‘Workflow Status Reports’, etc.

On Timesheet Type we will place a checkbox to enable or disable the execution of calculations for timesheets during timesheet Submit or Save & Validate in the PSW. Execution of the calculation algorithm for Timesheets in 3.1.6 was introduced to enable use of Error Hierarchies, but this execution places an additional processing burden on the IIS server and some customers may wish to suppress it.

The Notes History button on Timesheets and Forms will only be shown (together with the number of notes) if there are notes.

We are extending the options available to active directory users, enabling immediate opening of the Menu screen instead of the login screen (as an option) and enabling ‘traditional login’ as an option if active directory authentication fails. Details are published in the Installation Guide.

Employee roles on projects can be suppressed from the list of roles available for selection on timesheets. Currently, roles (such as project time approver) that have nothing to do with roles actually performed on projects (consultant, senior consultant, etc.) are listed in the combo lookup and can be accidentally selected.


The serialisation algorithm will contain separate entries for Timesheets and Forms. It is important that all customers upgrading to Version 3.1.7 check their serialisation code with their system supplier.


The optional specification of a user-id and password for SMTP servers is enabled.

Ledger Modification

The option to modify plan/budget transactions has been added to Ledger Modification (though you are not permitted to use Ledger Modification to modify time transactions that belong to the Plan/Budget defined as the ‘diary’ ledger). Until now only Actuals transactions have been available for modification.


Planning Profiles allow the copying of data from one Plan/Budget into another. This makes the development of a ‘latest plan’ from an ‘original plan’ easy.

Help Text

We have also updated all Help Text for [email protected] Maintenance.