[email protected] and [email protected] Version 3.3.1

[email protected] and [email protected] Version 3.3.1 have been released. This is primarily a bug fix release and this article details the issues that are resolved in this version.

Generation fails if Language is set up only on System Parameters.

Row Number in My Diary should not be visible.

Selections not properly cleared in Employee Index Skills filtering.

Error in page format in PSW Maintenance – Employees – on tabs other than Main.

Skills are not shown in alphabetical order .

Duplicates problem in APPROVAL_STATUS table when Ledger Modification posting and Approvals Notification running simultaneously.

Incorrect position of calendar panel, photo upload panel and footer bar in My Details.

Additional Data in Employee details in PSW shows javascript error with window.document.all(e).innerHTML.

Date popup does not work on Mac’s Firefox.

Error when opening Timesheet in [email protected] Maintenance.

Cannot print from History of Timesheets.

Incorrect status shown in PSW for Web authorisation completed.

Timesheet and Form lists don’t use data dictionery value for Status.

System does not allow Spanish regional settings.

Running Tasks in Task Scheduler prevents saving of System Control table in [email protected] Maintenance.

CSW Logging problem with buttons.

Approval Notification fails if approval profile is using Inquiry Profile with certain parameters.

Day and Month swapped incorrectly in From Date in Approval Status Definition.

A ‘deadlock error’ after clicking ‘Create Invoice’ button.

Chart of Accounts isn’t checked in case of change of Expense Type.

Chart of Accounts isn’t checked in case of change of Account code.