[email protected] and [email protected] Version 4.6.6 Now Available

[email protected] and [email protected] Version 4.6.6 have been released. This release provides fixes to a number of issues reported in previous releases of the software:

  • After an audited modification is carried out the reversed line and the newly created line now have the same Export Sequence and Accounting Period.

  • Numeric analysis values formatted by user settings are now saved in the invariant format by Ledger Modification.

  • Regional Settings for Numeric analysis are now applied in the Runtime Parameters in the PSW.

  • Changing the number of lines in the Notes Box on Form Type is now correctly applied.

  • Forms with non-unicode names are now correctly imported into system during Credcit Card Import.

  • When splitting a line in Approvals there is no longer an error if the server has BIN collation.

  • In Inquiry profiles, the Client field in the Selection Tool will now remain available for selection from the list even if this Client has projects which are closed.

  • Corrected an issue whereby when a parameter is selected as Blank it was not possible to save Inquiry profile.

  • Validated numeric analysis are now formatted according to regional settings and when value is chosen the combo field is no longer empty in Ledger Modification.